Jan Surasky

Winner of the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Fiction

Rage Against The Dying Light

a vibrant tapestry...vividly captures the spirit of Boudicca; flesh and bone, heart and soul. A truly compelling story.
Portland Book Review
...gripping, engaging and deftly written from first page to last.
The Midwest Book Review
...beautifully written.
Pacific Book Review
Fiction Addict
Rage Against The Dying Light book cover

It is the first century of a new millennium and Celtic princess Boudicca is slipping out of the palace to escape the notice of her strict mother who insists on her studying for her royal duties as a future queen. She prefers to roam the meadows and the woodlands with her beautiful white pony and romp with her friend Linnea, a farmer's daughter, along the shores of the River Devon. And discover first love with a neighboring prince.

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Back To Jerusalem book cover

To the outward eye the small town of Jerusalem, New York is just another small town moving more slowly than city life. But, like any other small town Jerusalem has its secrets. The settlers of Jerusalem who call themselves the English refuse to accept the Mennonites who are buying up the cheap land around them because they look and act different.

But, falling in line with the times and the town has its price. Jerusalem farm girl Jenny Thompson shuns the love of her Mennonite neighbor and best friend Jake Martin to please her social-climbing mother and marry the richest and most popular boy in town.

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Winner of the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Fiction
and Grand Prize Finalist

Winner of the Pacific Book Awards for Fiction

Back To Jerusalem

Forbidden love and long-held secrets abound...a quiet but moving story of one woman’s reclaiming her life.
Kirkus Reviews
Incredibly warm and welcoming, clearly the product of a sensitive heart.
Portland Book Review
Surasky has crafted a beautiful story that is simple yet powerful; a sweeping, fast read...
US Review of Books
The Lilac Bush is Blooming book cover

Family is important to the farmers in central New York farm country. Farms are passed down from generation to generation. And, in summer the lands are dotted with fairs and extended family reunions.

To central New York farm girl Annie May Parker ancestral heritage is especially important. She is certain the feats and deeds of her forbears whose tales she read in an old but well-kept journal hidden away in the family's one-hundred-year old farmhouse have given her the strength to be the reliable one her hard-working widowed mother relies on.

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Winner Of The Pacific Book Awards

Finalist San Francisco Book Festival

Finalist Hollywood Book Festival

The Lilac Bush is Blooming

The US Review of Books
All the downhome charm and appeal of beloved Americana classics...A beautiful coming-of-age story...filled with likeable characters that leave us with memories
of joy, sorrow, and love.
Hollywood Book Reviews
With her lucid writer's vision, Surasky paints a heroine making a new, modern life for herself.
Pacific Book Review