Jan Surasky

Back To Jerusalem

To the outward eye the small town of Jerusalem, New York is just another small town moving more slowly than city life. But, like any other small town Jerusalem has its secrets. The settlers of Jerusalem who call themselves the English refuse to accept the Mennonites who are buying up the cheap land around them because they look and act different.

But, falling in line with the times and the town has its price. Jerusalem farm girl Jenny Thompson shuns the love of her Mennonite neighbor and best friend Jake Martin to please her social-climbing mother and marry the richest and most popular boy in town.

The ideal marriage ends in divorce and Jenny moves to the Big Apple to find success. But, nothing can erase the memory of true friendship or true love. A number of years later at the peak of her success a twist of fate throws Jenny and Jake, now a high-powered lawyer, together and they return to Jerusalem where a changing world awaits them. But, Jenny must choose between success in the career she always dreamed of or a second chance at a once-forbidden love.