Jan Surasky

Discussion Questions

  1. Jenny is described in the beginning of the book as a pleasant person and one who doesn’t make waves. She is definitely not a rebel. What factors do you think influenced her personality? How does she exhibit this personality?
  2. What type of personality is Jake? Is Jake a rebel?
  3. What is Jenny’s relationship like with Aunt Gert? What part does Aunt Gert play in Jenny’s upbringing?
  4. What do you think are Jenny’s thoughts about Bud? Why does she decide to date him?
  5. How can you tell that Jake’s friendship with Jenny turns to love? What does Jenny do about it?
  6. How do you think Jenny feels about marrying Bud?
  7. What part does Sparky, Jenny’s college roommate and friend, play in Jenny’s life? What is her character like? How is she a counterpoint to Jenny?
  8. Why does Jenny go to New York when her marriage breaks up? Do you think that’s a good decision?
  9. What does Jenny find in New York? How is New York different from Jerusalem? How does it affect Jenny?
  10. What kind of a mother is Jenny? How does Josh fare in New York? How does Jenny try to make up for Josh’s loss of a traditional family?
  11. When Jenny sees Jake for the first time in New York how does she handle it? How does Jake handle it? What impact does their meeting have on Jenny? What impact does it have on Jake?
  12. How does Jenny feel about Jerusalem when she is in New York?
  13. Jenny and Jake go back to Jerusalem to help a mutual friend but what draws them to each other when they are back there?
  14. One of the themes in the book is the power of home. What about Jerusalem drew Jenny back there? What about Jerusalem drew Jake?
  15. Has home had an impact in your life? How?
  16. What does this book say about second chances?