Jan Surasky

Rage Against The Dying Light

It is the first century of a new millennium and Celtic princess Boudicca is slipping out of the palace to escape the notice of her strict mother who insists on her studying for her royal duties as a future queen. She prefers to roam the meadows and the woodlands with her beautiful white pony and romp with her friend Linnea, a farmer's daughter, along the shores of the River Devon. And discover first love with a neighboring prince.

An arranged marriage to a much older king of a large and prosperous tribe brings her two daughters and an end to a carefree life. Romans invade the palace after her husband's death, taking slaves, publicly flogging her and assaulting her young daughters.

Boudicca does not back down. She leads thousands of warriors onto the battlefield to avenge her daughters and rid her beloved country of Roman tyranny.

The story of history's first known woman warrior whose deeds have inspired many poems and paintings, a statue that overlooks the River Thames in London, and who's been a symbol of courage throughout the centuries.