Jan Surasky

Back To Jerusalem

Family is important to the farmers in central New York farm country. Farms are passed down from generation to generation. And, in summer the lands are dotted with fairs and extended family reunions.

To central New York farm girl Annie May Parker ancestral heritage is especially important. She is certain the feats and deeds of her forbears whose tales she read in an old but well-kept journal hidden away in the family's one-hundred-year old farmhouse have given her the strength to be the reliable one her hard-working widowed mother relies on.

Annie loves books and dreams of sharing that love as a high-school teacher in the nearby village of Mayberry. But, just as she is about to embark on a career a letter and photo arrive that sends her halfway around the world to life she never could have imagined to claim part of her ancestral heritage and awaken a long-held love she never dared to admit.